Zehdenick Municipal Pier

Zehdenick is the closest larger town to CCC Camp, featuring multiple grocery stores, a hardware store, a bicycle shop, restaurants, and much more.

The blue & white pavilion with the black roof to the left of the Municipal Pier is the Italian Restaurant Da Vinci with 4.5 stars on both Google and Yelp. We have not yet eaten there ourselves.

Zehdenick is about 8 km from CCC Camp. 25 min by bicycle. 13 min by car. 3 nautical miles by boat/dinghy along the Havel river, located south of the CCC Camp harbor.

Transportation between CCC Camp and Zehdenick

Please refer to our Transportation page for available transportation options and schedules.

Grocery Stores, Hardware Store, and More

All of the Zehdenick grocery stores are within walking distance (<1km) of the Zehdenick Marina. For more information about available stores in Zehdenick, see our info page on how (and where) to obtain groceries, camping gear & hardware supplies.

Zehdenick Harbor

The Zehdenick lock is the last lock you will have to pass through on your Cruise from Berlin. The Zehdenick Harbor is located on the CCC Camp side of the lock. You do not have to pass through a lock when cruising between the CCC Camp area and Zehdenick Harbor. At a distance of 3 nautical miles from CCC Camp, the harbor can easily be reached by dinghy.

Short-stay guest slips for visiting skippers seeking to purchase groceries or simply craving some restaurant food after a few days of eating camping provisions are available and clearly marked as “Gastliegeplätze”.

The Habormaster’s office is in a wooden hut towards the southwest of the harbor. We do not yet know the cost for short-term stays. Please contact us if you find out.

Zehdenick Harbormaster Tel: +49-162-249-3756

Zehdenick Harbormaster’s Office

Zehdenick Water Company

To the west of the harbor is an old water company building as well as a museum. They have some interesting gear lying around, visible from the sidewalk. Consider taking a look while you are in town.