We Have (Dark) Fiber!

Team Harbor buildup, despite one noteworthy setback, is moving at a rapid pace.

Datenklo Connected With Fiber

Team Harbor Datenklo Being Connected With Fiber

Our Datenklo (DK) has been connected with fiber. We don’t yet have Internet connectivity, since so far there is no Ethernet switch in the DK.

Our hope is that the NOC will deliver their switch for the DK on Monday, so we can start plugging our 10Gbps switches into the DK switch and also plug in some of the 1Gbps copper patch cords for those boats without optical gear.

Slip Assignments Published

In cooperation with the harbormaster, we published the slip assignments for all boats that we are aware of. If you plan to attend CCC Camp 2019 by boat and the name of your boat is not on our lists of boats and people on board those boats, please do contact us immediately!

If you believe any of the slip assignments to be incorrect or if your boat ends up berthed in a different slip than shown on our slip assignments list, please do let us know.

the drydock Tent Delayed

the drydock Before Setup

When we inspected the SG50 rental tent parts that make up the structure of the drydock yesterday, we discovered that the delivered package is missing five frame tubes. The missing tubes are supposed to be delivered late afternoon Monday. At which point the drydock buildup can begin, which is by far the largest buildup task that we need to perform. There is a lot of infrastructure that will go inside that tent.