Team Harbor Water Taxi

We provide a water taxi service across the Havel river to the quiet lakes on the other side of the river. We also offer transportation along the shore between Neuer Hafen and Alter Hafen. The water taxi can hold a maximum of four people. Space is too limited to transport bicycles.

Getting to CCC Camp

For a full list of transportation options to get to CCC Camp and back home from CCC Camp, see the CCC Camp Transportation Wiki.

Local Public Transportation

Public Bus Between CCC Camp and Zehdenick

The Oberhavel Verkehrsgesellschaft operates public bus line 838 between CCC Camp (bus stop “Mildenberg, Ziegeleipark”), the town of Mildenberg, and Zehdenick. The line 838 bus schedule is available in PDF format.

Single-ride tickets can be purchased on the bus.

Long-Distance Transportation

Cruising by Boat from Berlin

If you are planning to cruise to CCC Camp with your own boat, please see our section on Cruising by Boat from Berlin.

Regional Public Transportation – Greater Berlin Area

For public transit routes and schedules between Berlin and CCC Camp, we recommend you consult VBB-Fahrinfo. This site also offers convenient apps that you can use to look up schedules and purchase tickets for long distance or local travel right on your mobile device. VBB’s apps are available for Android and iOS.

If you do have an existing BVG monthly pass from a stay in Berlin, your typical Berlin Zones A-B pass is not valid in the CCC Camp region. If you want to use a monthly public transit pass that is valid for both inside Berlin and to travel between Berlin, CCC Camp, and Zehdenick, you will need a category “VBB-Umweltkarte” of tariff class “Zeitkarte Berlin Tarifgebiet A-B-C + 1 Landkreis”. EUR 134.00 per month at the time of this writing. We recommend confirming current schedules and fares with the relevant public transit authorities.

Long-distance Trains

Deutsche Bahn operates an extensive rail network of high-speed long distance trains throughout the country. Ticket prices can be a bit on the steep side, depending on how early you purchase the ticket.

A lower cost train option are night trains operated by Nightjet, however they offer a limited service area and routes. Nightjet’s service area does include Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Berlin, as well as Switzerland and Austria.

Long-distance Coach

Low cost, long-distance, fast coach service operates throughout Germany and in much of Europe. The market leader appears to be FlixBus. Taking a long-distance coach can be faster than taking the train on many routes. And typically will be cheaper.