Camp Buildup

CCC Camp 2019 buildup is in full swing. Our harbor is in the foreground, our nearest neighbor, the Curie tent for the Talks 1 track visible towards the center:

Our Harbor and Curie Tent (Talks 1)

Some photographs of the Team Harbor and adjacent areas for your enjoyment:

Looking North
Looking Northeast

Image Credit: Crew of the Charlotte

We Have (Dark) Fiber!

Team Harbor buildup, despite one noteworthy setback, is moving at a rapid pace.

Datenklo Connected With Fiber

Team Harbor Datenklo Being Connected With Fiber

Our Datenklo (DK) has been connected with fiber. We don’t yet have Internet connectivity, since so far there is no Ethernet switch in the DK.

Our hope is that the NOC will deliver their switch for the DK on Monday, so we can start plugging our 10Gbps switches into the DK switch and also plug in some of the 1Gbps copper patch cords for those boats without optical gear.

Slip Assignments Published

In cooperation with the harbormaster, we published the slip assignments for all boats that we are aware of. If you plan to attend CCC Camp 2019 by boat and the name of your boat is not on our lists of boats and people on board those boats, please do contact us immediately!

If you believe any of the slip assignments to be incorrect or if your boat ends up berthed in a different slip than shown on our slip assignments list, please do let us know.

the drydock Tent Delayed

the drydock Before Setup

When we inspected the SG50 rental tent parts that make up the structure of the drydock yesterday, we discovered that the delivered package is missing five frame tubes. The missing tubes are supposed to be delivered late afternoon Monday. At which point the drydock buildup can begin, which is by far the largest buildup task that we need to perform. There is a lot of infrastructure that will go inside that tent.

Location of the drydock

Onsite Preparations Started!


In the photograph above, you see the location where the drydock will stand. When we arrived for this last site survey mission before moving operations to Neuer Hafen in preparation for CCC Camp 2019, the harbormaster’s staff had just about finished mowing the grass that our tent will sit on top of.

Datenklo Placed

In major good news, our Datenklo (DK) has been placed. Much gratitude goes to the NOC and the “radlader” crew that made the placement happen. Thank you so much!

Team Harbor Datenklo

The Team Harbor uplink fiber will terminate in this DK (DK-SW-Z15) and it will also house a NOC-provided uplink switch and WiFi access point. From this DK, we will distribute Internet connectivity via 10Gbps fiber to switches in the drydock and some boats as well as via 1Gbps copper to other boats.

The DK will look much nicer during the event than in this photograph, once all the equipment has been installed inside and the DK is wrapped in shiny emergency blankets foil.

Fiber Uplink Run Refined

We reconfirmed and improved upon the anticipated uplink fiber run, which we will have to perform ourselves. We have a detailed plan and an experienced Team Harbor volunteer fiber crew from Freifunk Essen to string the fiber. We will receive invaluable assistance from the great people at the Chaosvermittlung, who will string their double-steel core telephone wire, providing the drydock with field telephone service, before we need to string the fiber. Allowing us to simply mount our fiber to their wire. Much appreciated!

Fiber Uplink Run Panorama

The first part of the uplink fiber run was initially quite challenging. This first section has to be installed in the air, from the feeder Datenkloo (DK-SW-X13) at the left of this photograph, up a tree, to ultimately drop down to the roof of the wooden shed partially obstructed from view by the red steel cages at the right of the photograph. Doing this run with fiber alone would have required hopping from tree to tree across at least five trees.

The double-steel core wire used by Chaosvermittlung can perform this lengthy jump using just two trees as anchor points. Thereby vastly simplifying the subsequent installation of our fiber.

New Neighbors

Until recently, the area north of Neuer Hafen was designated as a camper/RV area. It is now the new Curie – Talks I area, hosting the largest of the lecture tents. This change likely will mean far more foot traffic in the CCC Camp area closest to us. Therefore resulting in more visitors to the Team Harbor area than we would have received back when we were 250m offsite.

Coming Up

Expect the next blog post on Monday, August 19 after we arrived on site in the afternoon, retrieved the SG50 tent and our pallets of gear from the LOC, and finished step 1 of setup: the drydock.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.9 AC

CCC Camp 2019 Charter Boats Still Available!


With CCC Camp 2019 starting in under two weeks, Team Harbor is receiving multiple inquiries per day from CCC Camp 2019 participants that are considering staying on a boat or yacht instead of a tent, camper, or RV.

We have good news for you: charter boats are still available!

Team Harbor’s home during CCC Camp is the Marina Neuer Hafen, about 250m from the CCC Camp main entrance. This marina is quite large. Three different charter boat companies operate out of Neuer Hafen, offering boats for rent in a wide range of sizes. From tiny boats that will sleep a single person to large yachts that can easily accommodate eight people or more.

For detailed information on chartering a boat during CCC Camp 2019 in Mildenberg, please visit the Information for Charter Renters section of our website.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Team Harbor. Our mission is to provide anyone considering attending CCC Camp 2019 by boat with advice, infrastructure, and useful tips based on what we learned about participating in hacker camps by boat.

Final pallets en route to CCC Camp!

After nine months of planning, design, and preparations, Team Harbor’s last pallets of equipment are on a 40-ton truck en route to CCC Camp 2019

Next up: Team Harbor setup starts Monday, August 19 at 14:00 in Neuer Hafen, Mildenberg, Germany!

Hackerfleet @ Team Harbor

Arrr, fellow sailors!


Established at Camp 2011

First of all: Big shouts and thanks to everyone involved in Team Harbor for coming so far – it looks like the harbor will be one of the coziest and nicest spaces at the camp, this year.

I am also very proud to announce the Hackerfleet@Camp19 community program (mostly happening at the harbor, too!):

We will

  • conduct the regular maritime hacker’s meetup,
  • give a lecture about updates around Hackerfleet’s technology and
  • introductory workshops on how to assemble and use the free and opensource hard- and software we developed

We would love to host a soldering/diy workshop for maritime equipment, but haven’t found an organizer, yet – so if you’d be interested in doing that, please ping us!

Exact dates and times will be published here, as well as in the camp wiki. Feel free to check out our repositories, beforehand. You can also join our maillist and here’s more info on how to contact us.

We’re looking forward to enjoy the harbor (and camp) with all of you!

First Pallet Ready for Shipping!

First Team Harbor Pallet Stacked at CCC Berlin Warehouse


The Team Harbor project requires a fair amount of infrastructure and gear. A good part of the gear is now palletized and stacked at the CCC Berlin warehouse. Ready to be hauled by truck to CCC Camp 2019.

The pallet for CCC Camp 2019 that we just dropped off at the warehouse is by no means all the gear that Team Harbor is shipping to CCC Camp. Not shown in this photograph are our SG50 tent, our 1000 liter IBC that will feed the air cooling system in the drydock with water, and various other “late load” items.

Team Harbor Meeting – Tue, July 30, 20:00



CCC Camp is fast approaching, the first batch of Team Harbor gear is at the warehouse waiting to be loaded onto a truck to Camp, and it is time for us to have an in-person Team Harbor planning meeting.


All Team Harbor members that can find the time to attend. If you will stay in the harbor during CCC Camp, you are a Team Harbor member!


Tuesday, July 30 at 20:00


Seminar Room
Rungestrasse 20
10179 Berlin

Please RSVP to so we’ll have a rough idea how many people intend to come to the Team Harbor planning meeting. Thanks!

— Your Team Harbor Orga

Team Harbor Logo Release

CCC Camp 2019 has released its design and associated style guide.

That means we are now able to release the official Team Harbor design!

Big thanks go to the CCC Camp 2019 branding designer, Sven, who agreed to design our logo in addition to the CCC Camp 2019 logo. If you are looking for a graphics designer, do check out Sven’s website of achievements.

SVG versions of the full logo with blue background and a transparent version with no background can be downloaded here. You are free to use either version. Please do read the included style guide before making any color changes or additions to the artwork. Thanks!

And please do remember to use the CMYK values for printing, not the RGB values in the SVGs. (The style guide will provide the CMYK values to you).

First Aerial Photograph of Team Harbor Area!

North Side of Neuer Hafen (Aerial photograph taken with permission from the WSA)


We are exited to present to you the first aerial photograph of Team Harbor’s core area!

The first batch of boats affiliated with CCC Camp2019 was placed on the north side of Neuer Hafen. Larger vessels in slips 20-28, smaller vessels in slips 29-35. The north side of Neuer Hafen is now fully booked, with additional boats being assigned to second area of Neuer Hafen.

We will have a 5m x 10 SG50 Team Harbor tent named “The Drydock” located in the area to the right of the large tree and in front of the wooden shed with the gray roof. The tent will be furnished as a workshop tent with beer benches and tables and will feature power and wired Ethernet to every table. In addition, the tent will provide air cooling against the expected blazing heat using spray misters mounted from the ceiling that will operate during the hot hours of the day.

Wired Ethernet to your boats can be obtained from a Datenklo located between the smaller trees towards the north side of the boardwalk. (Bring your own Ethernet patch cord long enough to reach your boat)! CCC Camp WiFi will also be available.

We maintain a list of boats, people on board, and assigned slip numbers as far either is known at this time. There will be more boats for which we, as of the time of this writing, don’t yet have enough information to include them on the list. We will update the list frequently. Your contributions to making the list more accurate are appreciated.

If you already joined Team Harbor, congratulations! We are delighted to have you on board. If you are still determining where you will stay during CCC Camp, how about joining Team Harbor and enjoying life on the water!