We would like to thank the following individuals for helping Team Harbor throughout this voyage. Without them, there either would have been no Team Harbor at all or Team Harbor would have not been able to provide the services we are going to provide to the participants.

This list is in roughly chronological order.

Brenno: for organizing the Safe Harbor Authority at SHA 2017 and in doing so demonstrating that having hackers on boats during a hacker camp was a boatload of fun, enabling strong community building.

Frank: who pointed out that the only way using the harbor for CCC Camp participants was going to happen was if somebody who really cared about making it happen chooses to make it happen and is willing to put in the volunteer work.

McFly: for generously sharing insights based on extensive experience about running large assemblies at Camp and navigating the Orga with our team from the early days of this project on.

leon: who got us the Internet connectivity we needed or Team Harbor would have been dead in the water before CCC Camp even started.

cven and King Rubble: for obtaining for us an SG50 tent at a price we could actually afford and for offering to transport the tent to Camp. And for expert advice on lighting and sound.

Sven: who designed the logo and branding for CCC Camp 2019 as well as Team Harbor. If you are looking for a designer, check out Sven’s work!

prom: who taught us more about Eurocontainers and how to best package and move gear than we ever thought possible to known about this topic.

nd: for agreeing to haul three pallets of gear from Berlin to Camp on their semi. That takes a big load of us (literally).

Phil: and the awesome folks at Chaosvermittlung for providing our the drydock workshop and community tent with field telephone service.

More shoutouts to come!