Newsflash: we still have one replicating CCC Camp ticket voucher. If you are attending CCC Camp by boat and therefore are part of Team Harbor, please contact us immediately to get on our (short) voucher queue waiting list.

The site looks noticeably more inviting than it did when Team Harbor went on our last site visit in mid-January, when it was freezing cold, and the harbor was covered by ice. On the day of our current site visit, 14 boats housing some 40-50 participants, were already registered.

Neuer Hafen in mid-May


Frank Brehm

We had a lengthy meeting with Frank, who proved to be a model of cooperation and goodwill. Frank is clearly making an effort to go out of his way to help make Team Harbor’s efforts a success. Thank you, Frank!

Placement of Boats

All CCC Camp-affiliated boats, with some rare exceptions due to slip size constraints, will be placed on the north side of Neuer Hafen. Larger vessels in slips 20-28, smaller vessels in slips 29-35. Yachts rented from resident charter companies that do not have slips in that section will be moved by Harbormaster staff to the CCC Camp participants area. This area is directly to the south of the official CCC Camp RV camper area and as such will shorten the walking distance between Team Harbor’s area and the CCC Camp entrance.

This combined location also vastly simplifies tying in the Team Harbor area with presumably planned networking infrastructure covering the RV camper area. Reducing Team Harbor’s need for Datenklos from 3 down to only 1. What a welcome development!

The necessary fiber run connecting a future Team Harbor Datenklo to existing RV-area Datenklos will be straight forward and we have already received permission from the Harbormaster for that fiber run.

See images and image captions below for details.

View of RV Camper Area looking west towards the Ziegelei CCC Camp Area

Proposed Fiber Run

Train Track Overcrossing

We will use trees to overcross the train tracks towards the east side of the RV area with our fiber. The train tracks are the only significant obstacle to the fiber run. – And we know exactly how and where to overcross the train tracks.

This will require borrowing a person lift to get high enough up the trees safely. We will find out if one of the CCC Camp teams have access to such a lift that we could borrow for 30 minutes.

Continuing Along the Fence

After crossing the train tracks, the fiber will run south towards Neuer Hafen along the Harbormaster’s fence/shed. (North side of Neuer Hafen’s water visible in the rear of the image. That’s where our boats will be).

Large Metal Barriers Protect Fiber Crossing a Dirt Road

After running along the fence, the fiber can run through the forest, protected in the rear of the metal racks used to store boats on during the winter. The exceedingly heavy racks will not be moved during CCC Camp and we can tie the fiber directly to the rearmost of the metal barriers.

Up a Tree, Down a Light Pole

From the metal barriers, the fiber can be run easily through the air to the top of a tree and down a light pole across the access road for the pier to a Datenklo that can provide both fiber to the boats and WiFi coverage for the entire Team Harbor area. (We will probably need one directional WiFi antenna to reach the one oversize raft that will be berthed towards the east side of Neuer Hafen).
[Light pole is just out of frame of this photograph] .

Sanitation: Washing Machines, Toilets, and Showers

There are a washing machine and a dryer in the main building in Alter Hafen. The use of the washing machine and dryer is open to all CCC Camp participants. Alter Hafen is very close to the CCC Camp Kids Area, and as every parent knows, having small children sometimes requires (unplanned) access to a washing machine. Tokens for the washing machine and dryer as well as laundry detergent are sold at the Alter Hafen Store. Or you can bring your own laundry detergent.

The use of the toilets in both Alter Hafen and Neuer Hafen requires an access code. Use of the showers requires a key that slip and charter boat renters will receive upon arrival.

Power and Water

There are supply poles with two 230V, 16A outlets and one 3/4″ water faucet with permanently attached hose along the pier about every 15 meters. The Harbormaster has given us permission to install 3/4″ manifolds on the water outlets with additional valves at the end of the manifolds. That way, each boat that wants it can have their own water faucet. (You have to bring your own manifolds, splitters, and water hoses).

We are told that that drinking water-rated hoses in Germany tend to be blue in color. If your hose isn’t blue, it probably isn’t drinking water-rated. Here are some examples of a 20m 1/2″ drinking water-rated hose and a 20m 3/4″ drinking water-rated hose.


You can expect very high air temperatures and burning sun. Heat stroke was a key medical problem at the last CCC Camp. Our yacht plans to install a misting system from the rafters that hold up the aft deck canopy. The system nebulizes a fine mist of water from underneath the sunshade canopy. The water requirements for the misters are minimal: around a bucket of water per hour if you were to run the misters at full blast all day, which you won’t. FYI, the German search term for such misters is “Sprühnebler”

The deck of the largest yachts available from the local charter companies will require at most a total of 20 meters of misting hose to go all the way around the perimeter of the deck. Misting hoses can readily be found on for example here and here . Smaller decks can get by with shorter misting hoses. Note that you may need more than one misting hose (and associated water hose splitters and couplers) to cover a large deck area.

You of course also need a feeding hose from the supply pole water faucet to your boat. (Don’t forget to bring the extra splitters, valves, and water hoses. We recommend bringing a 20 meter 3/4″ main feed water hose just to be on the safe side in case your boat is at the far end of the distance from the nearest supply pole).


Boats tend to be berthed with the stern facing the dock. The deck at the bow of a boat, overlooking the water, often does not provide any kind of seating. You likely want chairs or an inflatable couch there. We are told that Lamzac instantly-inflatable air couches are ideal for this purpose, fold down to a small size, and are also useful to carry with you in a pouch as you are walking through CCC Camp, seeking the occasional sit-down area to rest. (The author of this paragraph has no direct experience with the Lamzac product and this not a purchase recommendation. You will want to do your own research).

Previous Site Visit Reports

We encourage you read our January Site Visit trip report for context and additional information.

Questions or Suggestions?

Please contact Team Harbor if you have any questions, suggestions, or are planning to participate in CCC Camp by boat. For a current list of boats coming to CCC Camp (counting only boats and slips already prepaid, not inquiries), please see our List of Boats. Please do let us know if you are aware of any boats that we missed or that should be added in the future! And please do spread the word to other slip renters or charter boat participants to get in touch with us!

We expect the demand for slips in the harbor to go up significantly in the near future, since all CCC Camp RV camper area tickets are already sold out. So book your slip or charter rental boat as soon as possible!