Call for volunteers

Some Team Harbor members have chosen to take point in accomplishing various infrastructure projects, but many more volunteers are needed to set up the Team Harbor area. Please take a look at the needed setup work below and think about where you would like to contribute. Note that all necessary parts and tools will be provided to you. All you have to contribute is labor.

Tent and Beer Tables/Benches

  • Pick up SG 50 tent , pallets, and IBC from LOC storage (there will be a forklift that can help haul the pallets from LOC storage to the Team Harbor area).
  • Pick up “Defender Kabelbrüke” to cross the paving stone walkway for use by the Water & Spray Misters Team.
  • Set up SG 50 tent per the drydock floor plan, which will be provided on site.
  • Set up beer tables & benches inside and outside the tent per the drydock floor plan.


  • Confirm that the CCC NOC placed our Datenklo onto the paved walkway, directly in front of the street lamp (behind the metal walkway between slips 25 & 26). If the DK is not in that location, please get it moved there.
  • Obtain the ladder from Frank, the harbormaster. (Even better would be to locate a cherry picker, but the ladder will work).
  • Liaise with the CCC NOC to be handed their spool of fiber from the NOC’s demarcation point in the Camper area.
  • Run the fiber up a tree and across to another tree. (Across the train tracks).
  • Run the fiber from the second tree, across the roof of the new wooden shed with the gray roof between the Camper area and the Team Harbor area. Departing the roof at the southwest corner of the roof (highest point). For an aerial image see this map. (Make sure to turn on the ortho layer). The train tracks, the gray roof, and a lamppost are clearly visible in that image.
  • String the fiber from the edge of the roof to the lamppost behind the DK (over the roof of the SG50 tent). This part of the fiber run cannot start until after the SG50 test is set up. Run the fiber down the lamppost and into the DK.
  • The tent will protect the fiber from sagging.
  • Ask the NOC to hook up the fiber to their switch in the DK.
  • String fiber from the DK, back up the lamppost, and down into our switch in the tent.
  • Wire up the inside of the tent with copper.

Power & Lighting

  • Liaise with Frank Brehm, the harbormaster, to obtain the power uplink mains extension cord to be run by his staff all the way to the tent. (As is in our agreement with the harbormaster).
  • Wire up the inside of the tent with power.
  • Mount the 8 LED lights.

Water and Spray Misters

  • Set up IBC, pump, splitters, and 3/4″ hose primary water distribution system.
  • [Can only be done after the Power and the Networking Teams are finished inside the tent]: install 1/2″ hose secondary water distribution system and 1/4″ spray misters.


  • Mount signs on bus shelter, camper area fence, the drydock, and by the water taxi.

Swimming Lake Scouting

  • Identify best foot path from the river to the swimming lake
  • Identify the best water taxi meeting point.