Team Harbor provides a water taxi service and a workshop tent called the drydock to all CCC Camp participants.

Water Taxi

Quicksilver 460 Water Taxi – Name of Vessel may Differ

To call the Water Taxi, dial TAXI (8294) on your DECT phone.

We provide a water taxi service across the Havel river to the quiet lakes on the other side of the river. We also offer transportation along the shore between Neuer Hafen and Alter Hafen. The water taxi can hold a maximum of four people. Space is too limited to transport bicycles.

There will be no fixed hours of operation. The water taxi service will be available when we happen to have a Team Harbor skipper available that will operate the water taxi.

If your group wishes to be ferried across the river, at least one person in your group must have a working DECT phone registered with the PoC so you can call for the water taxi back when you are ready to return to our shore. Groups without a working DECT phone unfortunately cannot be provided with transport across the river for safety reasons. We will have no loaner DECT phones available. You have to bring you own DECT phone.

Team Harbor participants with an email address may check out the Quicksilver any time the boat is not already in use or reserved. There will be a checkout and reservation whiteboard in our workshop tent the drydock. Please write down your name, where you are taking the boat, the checkout time, the expected time back, and how to get a hold of you. Upon return, please contact the next person on the waiting list and wipe your entry off the whiteboard.

That way, if something goes wrong and you might need help, we will know where to look for you. The Quicksilver may not be used unless your information is on the whiteboard.

Workshop Tent – the drydock

Our the drydock workshop tent can be booked through the CCC Camp Self-organized Sessions website. During the hot hours of the day, the inside of the drydock will be cooled with ceiling-mounted spray misters to provide an escape from the heat.