If you are planning to arrive in your own boat, you have come to the right place!

Skippers planning to rent slips for their own boats should contact the harbormaster’s office. Please tell the staff there that you are attending CCC Camp. Slip rentals for CCC Camp 2019 are still available. Get them while you can!

Cruising from Berlin

If you are planning to cruise to CCC Camp from Berlin, you may also be interested in our “Cruising by Boat from Berlin” page.

Reaching the Camp from North

If you like to go by boat to CCCamp 2019 and you are planning to come from the north, using either the “Kanalstrecke Templiner Gewässer” or the “Obere Havel-Wasserstraße”, then we have very bad news for you:

The Locks “Zaaren” and the Locks “Kannenburg” are both CLOSED for the remainder of 2019. Your only option of reaching Campground is going by Liebenwalde and then Northwards to Camp.

More info about both closed Locks can be found here:

We strongly recommend to check your whole route using the German waterway information system “ELWIS” as soon as possible to determine alternative routes, if necessary.

Brehm & Presch GbR

Primary Contact: Harbormaster Frank Brehm
Tel. +49-331-870 966 26 (office)
Email: fb@marina-alter-hafen.de

Brehm & Presch are still accepting guest rental slip reservations for CCC Camp 2019. When you do contact B&P, please do let them know that you are planning to attend CCC Camp.


Please do check with the harbormaster to confirm that the prices in this table are still current by the time you are reading this page. (And let us know if the prices have changed so we can update the information here).

Harbor Pricing

Short-term visitors5.00
Overnight Guests2.00 per meter of boat length + EUR 4.00 per person
Electricity5.00 per night (flat rate)
Shower20.00 key deposit. Keys are available at "Hafenhaus 5"
Water1.00 per 100 lite
Wastewater12.00 for up to two tokens, EUR 20.00 for 3 tokens or more
Launch Slip Use12.00
Parking (car)3.00 per night
Parking (RV)8.00 + EUR 4.00 per person per night (Children 4-15 years EUR 2.00 per night)

Customers of on-site charter firms do not have to pay for water, slip rental, electricity, or water.


For information about locks involved in boating to the site, consult “ELWIS”.

Some of the technical data about the harbors in this wiki is extracted from the “ADAC Skipper Portal”. As always, responsible skippers should check ahead with local experts about present conditions.

Team Harbor’s areas are located in Neuer Hafen, where the Harbormaster plans to locate CCC Camp-related boats. For information about the other two on-site harbors, please see the Harbors Info page.

To view current water levels and to confirm that your boat’s draft can travel along your chosen route, consult PEGELONLINE.


We strongly recommend for each boat to bring a DECT phone to CCC Camp. The mobile phone cells, designed for a much smaller number of subscribers, have been known to collapse during previous CCC Camp events. The upstream fiber used by our Datenklo to provide Internet connectivity to the entire harbor has proven to be strangely attractive to squirrels and their rodent teeth. Our Datenklo is at the very end of a long chain of fiber links, which can be accidentally cut at any point.

DECT is a tried-and-proven, inexpensive, wireless technology that will work when other technologies don’t. Therefore, we recommend that at least the primary contact for a boat has a DECT phone connected to the CCC Camp DECT network. For a list of compatible DECT phone models, of which there are many, please see the EventPhone website.

To connect your DECT phone to the CCC Camp DECT network, you will need to register for an account. We recommend you do so prior to the event.

Please do not forget to send us your DECT phone number, once you have one assigned.