Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.9 AC

[Yacht in photograph above is our actual yacht. Yacht in photograph above not connected to the Internet with 10Gbps, unlike our yacht].

Plenty of Charter Boats Remaining!

Even though CCC Camp 2019 starts next week, there are still plenty of charter boats and house boats of various sizes (2 people to 6+ people) available! If you do not already have accommodations for CCC Camp, do consider chartering a boat for your group.

What does it feel like to attend CCC Camp in a charter boat?

Watch this video to get a sense for what to expect:

Charter Companies

Five independent charter companies share the Neuer Hafen. Boat renters that wish to rent a boat already berthed in the harbor should contact the respective charter company. Please tell the staff that you are attending CCC Camp.

5 Sterne Yachtcharter

Marina Neuer Hafen Brehm & Presch Marina GbR

Die Bootschaft

House Boat (Comfort Class)

Specializing in house boats, Die Bootschaft provides charter house boats in Neuer Hafen. If you don’t plan to take your boat on cruises and will spend most of your time at CCC Camp and in our harbor, chartering a house boat can be a great option.

Yachtcharter Römer


Do you own an RV or camping trailer and would like to participate in CCC Camp 2019 from the harbor?

  • FreeCamper in Neuer Hafen enables you to berth your camper or RV in the harbor. The way it works is that you drive your RV or camper onto a floating barge via a ramp. Really. We are not kidding.
  • The barges can stay berthed in Neuer Hafen or you can use them to cruise the local waterways.

Shoal Tent

Do you prefer camping in a tent and also enjoy being on the water?

  • For a completely different experience, combining camping in a tent with being in the harbor, you could set up a Shoal Tent.
  • Inflatable floating raft with a tent topper that allows you to sleep out on the water. Now that is different.