How (and where) to obtain food, camping gear, hardware supplies, take a shower, and wash your clothes.

Neuer Hafen

Bernie’s Café

Bernie’s Café is located at Ziegelei 4A, Mildenberg, about 100m from Neuer Hafen. Just follow the one-lane road that leads south from the traffic circle along a set of houses. The café is in one of those houses and features a small patio area. We have not yet tried Bernie’s Cafe. If you do eat at Bernie’s, please let us know what you think of it so we can add your feedback here.

Alter Hafen

Entrance to the Alter Hafen Laundry Room. The store is Just to the Left of This Entrance.

Alter Hafen Store

There is a small store in Alter Hafen that sells sundry items and Club Mate with no waiting in line. The store also sells tokens for the washing machine & dryer as well as laundry detergent.

Restaurant Gasthaus & Pension Alter Hafen

Alter Hafen Restaurant with Patio

Gasthaus & Pension Alter Hafen is located just to the North of Neuer Hafen in Alter Hafen. We ate in the restaurant twice and the food was quite good. They have a nice outside patio area with umbrellas to protect you from the sun.

Washing Machines, Toilets, and Showers

There are a washing machine and a dryer in the main building in Alter Hafen. The use of the washing machine and dryer is open to all CCC Camp participants. Alter Hafen is very close to the CCC Camp Kids Area, and as every parent knows, having small children sometimes requires (unplanned) access to a washing machine. Tokens for the washing machine and dryer as well as laundry detergent are sold at the Alter Hafen Store. Or you can bring your own laundry detergent.

The use of the toilets in both Alter Hafen and Neuer Hafen requires an access code.

Use of the showers in Alter Hafen requires a key that slip and charter renters will receive upon arrival.


Landfleischerei Müller

Landfleischerei Müller, Mildenberg

Landfleischerei Müller is located in Mildenberg. This butcher shop offers a solid assortment of products and is easily accessible by bicycle or bus 838 (stop “Mildenberg, Kirche”). Their opening hours vary, make sure to check their website for current opening hours.

Better yet, call ahead: +49-3307-2794


Zehdenick as seen from the Guest Pier

Zehdenick is the closest town to CCC Camp offering a variety of grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, and a bicycle shop. Zehdenick is easily accessible by boat, bicycle, or bus. Zehdenick is about 8 km away on land. 25 min by bicycle. 13 min by car. The distance from Neuer Hafen to Zehdenick by boat/dinghy is about 3 nautical miles.

All of the grocery stores (for details see below) are within about 1-2 km distance, depending on which store, of the Zehdenick Marina, along the Havel river, south of Neuer Hafen. The red Netto and the Lidl are the closest grocery stores to the Zehdenick Marina, albeit in opposite directions.

Zehdenick also features a hardware/camping supplies store, bicycle shop, and more.

Transportation between CCC Camp and Zehdenick

Please refer to our Transportation page for available transportation options and schedules.

Zehdenick Grocery Stores

Hardware & Camping Supplies Stores

Online Groceries Delivery Services

  • Your-James
    • Your-James is a local grocery delivery business serving the Ziegelei and harbor areas.
    • Order lead times can be up to 3 days in advance
    • To place an order with Your-James, you will need to request a user ID and password from their website by sending an email containing your name and address, such as “Ziegelei 5, 16792 Zehdenick”.
  • All you need Fresh
    • All you need Fresh is a Germany-wide grocery delivery service that will deliver groceries via DHL.
  • Bringmeister
    • Bringmeister offers a large percentage of the German EDEKA grocery chain’s assortment. Delivery will be in bags, not collapsible crates.