First Aerial Photograph of Team Harbor Area!

North Side of Neuer Hafen (Aerial photograph taken with permission from the WSA)


We are exited to present to you the first aerial photograph of Team Harbor’s core area!

The first batch of boats affiliated with CCC Camp2019 was placed on the north side of Neuer Hafen. Larger vessels in slips 20-28, smaller vessels in slips 29-35. The north side of Neuer Hafen is now fully booked, with additional boats being assigned to second area of Neuer Hafen.

We will have a 5m x 10 SG50 Team Harbor tent named “The Drydock” located in the area to the right of the large tree and in front of the wooden shed with the gray roof. The tent will be furnished as a workshop tent with beer benches and tables and will feature power and wired Ethernet to every table. In addition, the tent will provide air cooling against the expected blazing heat using spray misters mounted from the ceiling that will operate during the hot hours of the day.

Wired Ethernet to your boats can be obtained from a Datenklo located between the smaller trees towards the north side of the boardwalk. (Bring your own Ethernet patch cord long enough to reach your boat)! CCC Camp WiFi will also be available.

We maintain a list of boats, people on board, and assigned slip numbers as far either is known at this time. There will be more boats for which we, as of the time of this writing, don’t yet have enough information to include them on the list. We will update the list frequently. Your contributions to making the list more accurate are appreciated.

If you already joined Team Harbor, congratulations! We are delighted to have you on board. If you are still determining where you will stay during CCC Camp, how about joining Team Harbor and enjoying life on the water!