The CCC Camp Organization held an official Field Day on 2019-06-08. It was extremely well-attended and we all learned a lot about this year’s plans. It was exceedingly helpful and productive to be able to put some faces to the handles in the #camp2019 Rocket Chat and to discuss open topics and questions in person rather than via instant messaging or email. Big thanks to everybody in the Organization that helped make this event happen!

Team Harbor Boat Locations

The majority of CCC Camp-affiliated boats will be berthed at the north end of Neuer Hafen. The slips in this area can accommodate 16 boats. With 14 slips and charter boats already prepaid and looking at the ever-increasing sign-up rate, this area of Neuer Hafen is certain to sell out. An overflow area has been identified. If you would like to be at the core of Team Harbor’s activities, you will want sign up for a slip whether you are bringing your own boat or plan to charter a boat from one of the resident charter companies as soon as possible. Ideally this week.

Calling all CCC Camp-affiliated Boats

Ahoi! If you will stay on a boat or are thinking about staying on a boat during CCC Camp, please get in touch with us. We want to help make your stay at CCC Camp even more enjoyable. And we don’t charge a cent. We know of many boats for which we don’t yet have any contact information. If you are on one of those boats, please contact us. Thank you!

Internet Obtained!

By far the best news in the history of this project has been that the C3NOC team agreed to provide Team Harbor with a 10Gbps fiber uplink and loan us a Datenklo, including a wired switch and a WiFi access point to service the Team Harbor area. We wish to express our most sincere gratitude to the Internetmanufaktur folks for making this happen. Our projections show that some 80-100 CCC Camp participants will make their home in the Team Harbor area and it would have been dismal if those participants had to attend a hacker camp without any Internet connectivity. Thank you, C3NOC!

The Datenklo will be located by the tree in the above photograph that the white thing that looks like an antenna sticking out of the roof of the boat in the foreground points to.

Cool Air Tent/Workshop Tent Location Determined

We received permission from the Harbormaster to place our SG50 5m x 10m tent on the flat lawn between the Datenklo on the right and the wooden shed on the left. You can see the slanted roof of the wooden shed sticking out above the bushes to the left of where the Datenklo will be. The tent will be in-between the two.

Our tent will feature an air cooling misting system that nebulizes water from hoses with nozzles mounted on the ceiling, which will help to dramatically reduce the temperature in the tent in the searing heat expected for Camp. If you plan to attend a workshop or just want to get out of the heat, you are welcome in that tent.

The misters consume very little water, about a bucket an hour per string if run at full blast. That’s the equivalent of a few of toilet flushes an hour and will have no measurable impact on the Camp water supply.

Our current plan is to furnish the tent with beer tables and benches, because those are affordable and easy to obtain. If you have better suggestions and how to accomplish those goals, please do let us know and contact us. There also will be a table and chair for the workshop host.

We may in addition place a few beer tables and benches on the lawn outside the tent to accommodate more people sitting down.

Additional Camper/RV Parking in the Harbor

Didn’t get a camper ticket? Camper tickets sold out? No worries, Team Harbor has you covered. Come join us in Neuer Hafen! One of the charter companies in Neuer Hafen rents barges onto which you can drive your camper or RV and either berth it in the harbor or cruise the local waterways from the comfort of your camper. Yes, this really does exist.

Robert with FreeCamper will put your camper or RV onto a barge in the harbor! No CCC Camp camper ticket needed.