First Pier is Full. Expanding to Second Pier!

North Side of Neuer Hafen


Team Harbor achieved a major milestone today with 17 boats registered to participate in Team Harbor. Why is the number 17 so significant? Because that’s one boat more than the north pier of Neuer Hafen can fit. That’s right: Team Harbor has expanded into a second area of the harbor!

→ North

Plenty of slips remain in that second area of Neuer Hafen that are available for your boat, whether you bring you own boat or rent a boat from one of the local charter companies. Where precisely in the harbor your boat will be located will depend on a number of factors: not all slips in the harbor are large enough for every kind of boat. Also note that the slips towards the west, facing the CCC Camp entrance, are reserved for use by the resident charter boat companies.

In other news, we secured a 5m x 10m SG50 tent to serve as a common area for breakfast and dinner (bring your own food) , if you so desire, as well as for self-organized sessions during the day. Seating, tables, plenty of power outlets, wired gigabit Internet, and even air cooling through spray misters will be available for your comfort and enjoyment. The tent has been given a fitting name: “The Drydock“. Look for “Drydock” once the self-organized sessions sections of the CCC Camp website goes live on the CCC Camp wiki to select our tent as your self-organized session location. To the best of our knowledge “The Drydock” will be the only workshop tent at all of CCC Camp that offers cooling against the expected blazing heat!

The SG50 tent will be set up on the lawn behind the boats that you can see in the background of the photograph above. We also will set up some beer tables and benches on the lawn outside the tent for those that prefer to enjoy sitting in the sun.

If you are considering participating in CCC Camp by boat and are not already registered with us, please do register by contacting us. We do not charge a cent and we provide plenty of free services to help make your stay in the harbor a truly excellent one.

However, to be effective in providing excellent services to all, we need to know about your boat and the number of souls on board. So please take those 60 seconds that it will take you and send us a quick email. Thank you!

No CCC Camp Tickets Needed for Team Harbor Area

Team Harbor Area in Neuer Hafen

Now that CCC Camp tickets are sold out, Team Harbor received various questions if folks without CCC Camp tickets can nonetheless visit their friends with boats in the Team Harbor marina area.

Yes, absolutely! You can visit your friends at Team Harbor with or without a CCC Camp ticket. Our port is Neuer Hafen, which is outside the CCC Camp boundaries and no CCC Camp ticket is required to access the area in which our boats will be located or the 5m x 10m cooling/workshop tent that Team Harbor is planning to set up on the shore behind our boats.

Field Day 2019-06-08: We have Internet!

The CCC Camp Organization held an official Field Day on 2019-06-08. It was extremely well-attended and we all learned a lot about this year’s plans. It was exceedingly helpful and productive to be able to put some faces to the handles in the #camp2019 Rocket Chat and to discuss open topics and questions in person rather than via instant messaging or email. Big thanks to everybody in the Organization that helped make this event happen!

The most important news is that the C3NOC team agreed to provide Team Harbor with a 10Gbps fiber uplink and loan us a Datenklo, including a wired switch and a WiFi access point to service the Team Harbor area. We wish to express our most sincere gratitude to the Internetmanufaktur folks for making this happen.

For additional details and what else we learned, see our full report about today’s Field Day.

Official CCC Camp Field Day Saturday, June 8 at 13:00

This Saturday, June 8, CCC Camp will hold an official Field Day. All are welcome. For details, please see their blog post. The group meets at the entrance to the Ziegelei at 13:00. Team Harbor will be present with a crew of four.

From the blog post:

On Saturday, 8th of June, we’ll visit the camp site at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. So if you can’t remember the place or have never been there, here is your chance to walk the site, look for a nice spot for your village and ask us questions we hopefully can answer already. We will start at 1 pm at the entrance of the Ziegeleipark. The address is: Ziegelei 10, 16792 Zehdenick, Germany. Please tell us if you want to attend by writing us an e-mail to:

Team Harbor’s 25. May Site Visit Results

14 boats (housing many more participants) already registered!

We know our slip assignments!

We know a fantastic network fiber run!

CCC Camp Neuer Hafen in May

Our Team Harbor 25. May site visit was a resounding success:

The Harbormaster will berth all CCC Camp-related vessels together along the north side of Neuer Hafen, directly adjacent to the CCC Camp RV camper area. There are already 14 Team Harbor slips and charter boats rented and paid for as of the day of our site visit. A number that will only increase now that all CCC RV camper area tickets are sold out.

Our proximity to the RV camper area will vastly simplify connecting the Team Harbor networking infrastructure with the upcoming CCC Camp network while drastically reducing equipment needs.

We even found a washing machine and a dryer that may be used by anyone participating in CCC Camp.

See our full May site visit report for the many details that we learned and that will enable Team Harbor and other Camp participants to better prepare for and have an excellent time at Camp.

Until our next post, we will leave you with some photographs of one of Team Harbor’s boats.

Aft Deck
Pullout Cabinet Bar Glasses
Kitchen Stove