January Site Survey Results: It is Looking Good!

Team Harbor Site Survey Crew (the white stuff on the ground is snow)

Ahoi! Your intrepid Team Harbor Site Survey Crew braved freezing cold to get a solid understanding of the layout of the various harbors at CCC Camp, the available infrastructure, how to interface with the existing operators/owners, and where to locate our team.

The short answer is that we will most likely be in “Neuer Hafen“, a 3 minutes walk to the southeast of the main CCC Camp entrance. There are still plenty of slips available. Also available are charter boats, which will come in handy if the distance between your home port and CCC Camp is too far. According to the charter operators, several groups of folks from various countries planning to attend CCC Camp have already chartered boats.

If you are reading this post and are planning to participate in CCC Camp by boat, be that on your own boat or on a locally-chartered boat, please do reach out to Team Harbor and let’s get in touch. You can reach us via our Contact Info phage. Please spread the word and come join us!

Our site visit report is now available. Check it out!

Below are some photographs of the Neuer Hafen area. There are no boats in the harbor because they have been taken out of the water for the winter. The harbor will look very different in August during Camp.

Neuer Hafen Panorama
Welcome to Team Harbor’s Port!
Along this fence will run the fiber to provide 10 Gbps to your boat. (If you bring your own Flexoptix transceiver).
Team Harbor member with his boat for CCC Camp