“Team Harbor” is a group of boating enthusiasts hackers that regularly participate at hacker conferences and camps. Some of us attended the SHA 2017 Hacker Camp by boat from the “Safe Harbour” Marina Village and had a great time doing so.

We will participate in CCC Camp 2019 by boat and volunteer to provide others considering attending CCC Camp 2019 by boat with advice, infrastructure, and useful tips based on what we learned about participating at hacker camps by boat. We can and want to help you have an excellent time at CCC Camp 2019 whether you bring your own boat or are considering renting a yacht from one of the resident charter companies.

If you plan to attend CCC Camp by boat, be that your own boat or a chartered yacht, or if you are simply curious, please get in touch with us. Thank you!

To find out which topics we are covering and the services we provide, please explore the menu bar on the top of this page. We are even planning to offer a water taxi service along the shore and across the river!

We could greatly use your help with the various Infrastructure Projects that we are working on. Please take a look at the list of open projects, ideally pick a project for you to work or assist on, and of course feel free to propose projects that we have not yet listed. Ideally by volunteering for that project.

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